David Davis bidding to change the law to protect whistleblowers


As published in the Hull Daily Mail:
MP pushes for change in law to protect whistleblowers

East Yorks: MP David Davis is bidding to change the law to protect whistleblowers who expose dangerous and dodgy deals. Anyone exposing wrongdoing to their MP can be sacked or discriminated against at work under the law.

However, Mr Davis has introduced a Bill in Parliament to close that loophole, so that people blowing the whistle on dodgy tax deals, dangerous hospitals, environmental damage or other criminal activity would be protected.

The Conservative MP Rr Haltemprice and Howden said: “It will protect public-spirited whistleblowers who expose dangerous or dishonest behaviour and without fear of losing their job.”

The Bill would help MPs refer whistleblowers’ claims to the best organisation in confidence and make it a criminal offence for employers to stop a worker from blowing the whistle to their MP.

Mr Davis said: “Shielding these courageous people from legal hurdles and vindictive bosses will help protect everyone from corruption and incompetence in business, in healthcare and public life.”