David Davis calls on the Prime Minister to focus the debate on Europe following Greek elections


As reported in the Hull Daily Mail:
Time for a debate on EU future?

An MP says now may be the time to start a serious debate on the future of the European Union.

Haltemprice and Howden MP David Davis’s comments come following the news that the Syriza party, which won Greece’s general election on Sunday, has formed an anti- austerity coalition with right-wing party Greek Independents.

The Conservative MP said: “This is both overdue and a necessary precursor to the UK’s referendum on membership.

“The foreign imposition of punitive fiscal constraints on a sovereign state often has the effect of undermining both democracy and stability.”

The local MP says Prime Minister David Cameron should point out to his fellow European leaders when they meet on February 12, “that their problems owe far more to the arrogance of political leaders than to the Greek people”.

He believes leaders should now also take the opportunity to begin the serious reforms that will be required to minimise what he says is the burden of EU membership on member countries.