David Davis comments on a new amendment enacted meaning that “whistleblowers will have the right to speak to their MP in confidence”


This week, for the first time, whistleblowers will have the right to speak to their MP in confidence. The amendment to the Employment Rights Act enables every MP to be recognised as a “prescribed person”, which means that whistleblowers will have employment protection if they raise their concerns with their Member of Parliament.

The provenance of this change to the law was a Ten-Minute Rule Bill introduced by Sir David Davis last year, followed by subsequent support from Vince Cable the Secretary of State responsible for employment.

Mr Davis said:

“British society has benefited hugely from the bravery of whistleblowers. Recently whistleblowers have exposed pharmaceutical companies overcharging the NHS for drugs; filmed the abuse and neglect of elderly people in care homes; exposed a litany of failings in our health service such as the appalling standards of care at Mid Staffordshire and alerted the National Audit Office to the tax authorities agreeing tax reducing sweetheart deals.

For every whistleblower who has gone public with their concerns, many more, often through fear of the consequences, don’t step forward. This change to the law will allow Members of Parliament to protect everyone from waste, corruption and incompetence in business, health care, and more generally in public life

I hope that citizens who are aware of misdemeanours in their workplace will feel more confident to share their observations and discuss their concerns with their MP.”