David Davis comments on the Government’s review on wind turbine amplitude modulation


Following a meeting with Sir David Davis, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has agreed to review how excessive amplitude modulation from wind turbines affects local communities, and how these effects can be mitigated.

Responding to DECC’s agreement, Mr Davis said:

“Amplitude modulation noise from wind turbines is only one of the ways that these machines blight landscapes and local communities. There are thousands of people across the country who have had their lives ruined by the noise from wind turbines, and I know of at least one constituent who is now on antidepressants as a result of the constant noise disturbance that wind turbines have caused.

The Government is to be applauded for finally accepting that amplitude modulation is a significant concern for many people, and instigating a robust review of the affects of amplitude modulation.

I have called on the Government to act against amplitude modulation as part of a package of measures, including action on noise and solar flicker, and ensuring that there is sufficient money for decommissioning at the end of a wind turbine’s service life, that would bring wind turbine developers under proper control.”