David Davis calls for action on Gilberdyke landfill


As published in The Goole Times:
MP Speaks of Frustration at Tip Site Row

The ongoing issue of the restoration and closure of Gilberdyke landfill was discussed at a meeting between David Davis, the Environment Agency and residents of Newport and Gilberdyke last week.

The landfill site has been the subject of a number of complaints over the past few years and last April the operator resumed shipments of waste which added to the bad odour in the area.

The Environment Agency has been challenged to ensure that a detailed restoration plan for the site will be produced and shared with East Riding Council and local residents.

East Riding Council agreed to ensure that all materials used for restoration or landscaping of the site meet the standards set down in the planning approval given in 2013.

The Environment Agency, East Riding Council and representatives of the residents and the site owner will now meet on a six weekly basis to monitor progress of the restorative works and to resolve any issues between residents affected by the site and those involved with the management and control of it.

Mr Davis said: “I have become extremely frustrated with the Environment Agency’s failure to ensure that the significant environmental problems with the Gilberdyke landfill are dealt with in a timely manner.

“It is two years since the Environment Agency promised to bring the operation of the Gilberdyke tip to a properly managed conclusion. This meeting is the third that I have had with them, but we seem to be no further forward with getting this site closed down. Indeed in some ways they seem to be losing ground.

“I have made it clear that I expect decisive action to be taken to establish a detailed restoration plan that will lead to the permanent closure of the site, a plan that is enforceable by the agency.
“The people of Newport and Gilberdyke deserve better, and it is time that the Environment Agency lived up to their expectations.”

Roy Hunt, chair of Newport Parish Council, said: “The residents of Newport and Gilberdyke have been waiting for the environmental pollutants emanating from this site, in particular the problems of odour and contamination of adjacent land, to be bought under control by enforcement actions from the Environment Agency.

“We have put up with these problems for long enough, but all we seem to get from the agency are broken promises.

“The residents need these problems resolved sooner than later to finally put an end to their misery.”
Richard Clarke, environment manager at the Environment Agency, said: “No more general waste is now allowed to be disposed of at the landfill. Any material going into the site in the future will be for restoration purposes only.

“The designs for how the site will be finished off and restored are now in place, and have been assessed by us as being acceptable. We are currently finalising the timescales for the implementation of these works with the operator.

“We understand the concerns of the local residents with regards to odour. We will robustly regulate restoration activities, including odour management.”