David Davis joins march against wind turbines in Beverley


As published in The Hull Daily Mail:

Villagers march through Beverley in protest of further wind turbine developments

More than 100 people marched through Beverley today in a bid to stop any further wind turbines being built in East Yorkshire.

According to figures, the region now has the highest density of wind turbines in England and there have been applications for a further 63 turbines in the area this year.

Villagers from across the East Riding listened to brief speeches from wind energy expert Garry Burt, archaeologist Doctor Peter Halkon, UKIP MEP Jane Collins and MP David Davis.

The march began at Westwood Pasture at 10.45am before ending in Beverley town centre at 11.30am.

Marchers held placards saying, ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘Stop the Wind Turbines.’

Mr Halkon said: “The proposal to build even more wind turbines in this area is a sheer act of vandalism.”

MEP Jane Collins said: “Wind power is not a source of energy that has a British mandate and it is an unsustainable policy.

“The UK’s competitiveness is being undermined.”

The marchers finished at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council offices where they delivered their demands to the planning department of the authority.