Sir David Davis attends the launch of the Barclays ‘Flex’ Van in Cottingham


On Thursday 4 March 2021, Sir David Davis visited the new Barclays ‘Flex’ Van at Cottingham Market.

The ‘Flex’ Van, a mobile community outreach service providing banking guidance, will visit Cottingham on market days. It has been introduced to mitigate the impact the local branch’s closure will have on residents.

The ‘Flex’ Van was introduced after extensive discussions between Mr Davis and Barclays and following a meeting Sir David Davis organised with Barclays PLC earlier in the year.

Mr Davis commented:

“The closure is clearly disappointing news for residents in Cottingham.

I have made plain my views to Barclays on this matter, and I am pleased that mitigation measures have now been put in place to ensure the impact of the closure is limited.

The Barclays ‘Flex’ Van will regularly visit Cottingham assisting customers with more complex financial needs, such as advice on financial products. The Van allows customers to talk face-to-face with Barclays staff about banking advice and guidance with digital services. For everyday transactions, such as cash withdrawals and deposits, customers can visit Cottingham Post Office, located at Finkle Street.

Regular visits from the Barclays ‘Flex’ Van on market day and the provision of at-home deliveries of cash for the most vulnerable, go some way towards addressing the most problematic aspects of the closure.

I had a frank and productive discussion with Barclays, and I am pleased they have now acted on these concerns.”

Attached is a photograph of Sir David Davis at the Flex Van. Along with two members of Barclays staff, Cottingham Branch Manager Janice Drury and Steve Mullins, Barclays’ Regional Director for Yorkshire.