Sir David Davis comments on the future trade opportunities for the UK


As reported in the Daily Express:

Brexiteer David Davis exposed the EU’s bluff and insisted they will give Britain a great trade deal by the end of negotiations with Boris Johnson.

Tory MP David Davis explained the EU is already showing cracks in their Brexit  trade negotiation tactics. While on ITV Good Morning Britain (GMB) Mr Davis explained the UK had other nations like Japan very interested in trade deals with Britain post-Brexit. He added the EU will eventually cave in and give the UK a great trade deal as they consider the UK “Treasure Island” because of how much money they make from the country.

Mr Davis said: “We actually have a whole load of options out there.

“We have got the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that probably will happen on January 1.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership is an organisation of countries, mostly around the Pacific ocean, not entirely, it does not include America but it does include Japan.

“Japan is desperate for us to be a part of it

“Why do they want that? Because when we come along a load of other countries will think to join as well.

“That is a big partnership for us and it is big on services.”

GMB panel guest Kevin Maguire then raised the point about us not doing as much trade with the European Union.

Mr Davis quickly replied: “It is £200billion us to them and £300billion them to us.

“The EU is nervous about this trade deal.

“The moment we start standing firm and being tough about it we’ll start to get something.

“The EU is already laying down.

“They are already trying to lay down negotiations.”