Sir David Davis joins Nigel Farage on GB News


As published in The Daily Express:

David Davis has warned Nigel Farage that Britain faces three more years of negotiations with the EU over Brexit.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has told Nigel Farage on GB News that talks with Brussels to iron out issues with fisheries and the Northern Ireland protocol will take years to complete.

Mr Davis and the former Brexit Party leader sat down for Mr Farage’s Talking Points segment on GB News to reflect on Britain’s journey to leaving the EU. Mr Farage described the Brexit deal delivered by Boris Johnson as “not perfect” and agreed that further negotiations would likely take years.

Mr Farage and the former Brexit Secretary discussed Mr Davis’s role in bringing down the leadership of Theresa May with his resignation in protest over Brexit.

The GB News host said: “You did it and thank God you did.”

Mr Farage went on to say: “And we got [Brexit], it is not perfect, Northern Ireland is not perfect by far, fisheries aren’t perfect by far…”

“It is about three years more negotiations to happen,” concluded Mr Davis.

“Yeah there is more to happen,” agreed Mr Farage.

“But hey we are in a pretty good place.” “We are talking from outside,” added Davis. “Which is a better way.”

Davis continued: “I mean one of the problems of being inside it was very very difficult to get Whitehall off their knees. “They were trying to negotiate as supplicants. Which is, of course, the way that the European Union normally negotiates.”

It comes after Mr Farage clashed with former London Mayor Ken Livingstone over Brexit on Monday evening’s edition of Talking Pints.

The GB News host asked the former Labour MP: “Where do you see Brexit? Is Brexit now finished for you as an issue? Are we done, are we moving on?”

Mr Livingston replied: “I don’t think we will ever have a vote to get back in. And we have now got government finally getting round to trying to tackle the problems of all of that.”