Sir David Davis welcomes £300,000 scheme improving pedestrian facilities at South Cave A63 Junction


In October 2020, David Davis visited the junction of the A1034 and A63 in South Cave. In January 2020 this junction was redesigned as part of a Highways England scheme aimed at improving pedestrian facilities at the junction and slowing traffic merging onto the A63.

However, the pedestrian improvements had not been delivered and whilst visiting the site Mr Davis witnessed a pedestrian narrowly miss being run down by a heavy goods vehicle, and other pedestrians struggling to cross the road safely. Mr Davis called on Highways England to return to the junction and deliver the pedestrian improvements as promised.

Highways England are now starting work at the junction to deliver the promised pedestrian footpaths and crossing points on 15 February. The £300,000 scheme is expected to take five weeks to complete.

Mr Davis commented:

“I was approached by South Cave Parish Council and local residents on 24 September about the fact Highways England had failed to deliver the junction improvements in full.

When I attended the site with parish councillors and Cllr Richard Meredith in October, we were all deeply concerned to see a member of the public narrowly miss being run down by a heavy goods vehicles.

As a result, I met with Highways England calling on them to deliver the improvements in full. I welcome that Highways England have acknowledged the pedestrian safety issues caused by not improving the facilities as initially promised.

Highways England returning to the site to deliver the pedestrian facilities will be a welcome relief to residents of South Cave, who I know have been concerned about the lack of crossing points at this junction. We all expect this work to significantly improve safety at the junction.”

Attached is one photograph of Sir David Davis with Dale Ward Councillor, Cllr. Richard Meredith, Cllr. Linda Turner (Chair of South Cave Parish Council) and local residents at the site.