David Davis says that excluding some Afghan interpreters is “unacceptable”


As reported in The Daily Telegraph;

“A plan to allow up to 600 interpreters who worked alongside British troops on the Afghan front line to resettle in the UK is “half-baked” and still leaves many others at risk, a campaign group has claimed.

The scheme will only help about half the interpreters who have risked their lives with British forces, abandoning “hundreds” of others to the risk of Taliban reprisals, according to Avaaz, a campaign group.

Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, said only those who were working for the British in December 2012 and had worked for at least 12 months would qualify.

Alex Wilks, of Avaaz, said the December deadline meant only half the translators would benefit from the deal.

Sir David Davis said that barring some interpreters from the offer was “unacceptable”.”