David Davis voted Conservative Home’s Parliamentarian of 2015


As posted on Conservative Home:
David Davis is ConHome readers’ Parliamentarian of the Year

Congratulations to David Davis, voted by 28 per cent of ConHome readers as their Conservative Parliamentarian of the Year. From tax credits to investigatory powers, from ECHR withdrawal to trade union reform, as our survey put it he is “Now in auto-rebellion mode. You may not like it – or him. But he is skilled at using the Commons for his purposes.”

In second place, with 18.8 per cent, was Rehman Chishti, MP for Gillingham and Rainham, for his successful campaign to rebrand ISIS as Daesh. He has only been in Parliament since 2010, but displayed an expert use of the Chamber as a campaigning platform.

Following Chishti in third place is his former boss, Nick Gibb, the well-liked Minister for Schools. Lord Faulks, the Justice Minister, brings up the rear on 10.6 per cent – he is less well-known but as a lawyer and long-standing critic of Strasbourg has an important role to play in Gove’s crusade for Human Rights law reform.

Finally, an honourable mention must go to Jacob Rees-Mogg who, despite not being a named candidate for the award, picked up 6 per cent of the vote as a write-in candidate under “Other”. Here once again is his wonderful riposte to Dimbleby on Question Time.