David questions the PM about the award of the Indian fighter contract to Dassault over UK companies


During PMQs, David asked whether the Prime Minister would make it a priority to reverse the decision of the Indian government to opt for the French Rafale fighter aircraft over the Typhoon in a £10bn contract. The full question, and the Prime Minister’s answer, can be found below:

David: “Yesterday it was announced that the French company, Dassault, had won the first round in the contest for the £10bn fighter aircraft contract with India. That’s disastrous news for thousands of workers up and down the country – particularly in my constituency. Given the long relationship between India and Britain; given the fact that we give many, many times more aid to India than France ever did, would he engage himself and the full force of the government in attempting to reverse this decision.”

PM: “Well, of course I will do everything I can- as I have already- to encourage the Indians to look at Typhoon because I think it is such a good aircraft. The decision is obviously disappointing, but it is about who the Indians have assessed as making the lowest bid, and therefore asked to enter into further negotiations. They have not yet awarded the contract. I’d say to my right honourable friend, who I know cares deeply- as I do- about the people employed in his constituency, we don’t expect any job losses stemming from this decision and it doesn’t rule out Typhoon for India. We must go on making the case- Typhoon is a superb aircraft with far better capabilities than Rafale and we will try and encourage the Indians to take that view.”