David Davis writes a letter to the Times regarding FTSE 100 companies and the EU


As published on the Times letters page:

Sir, Thirty-six FTSE 100 companies have declared in a letter to The Times, organised by 10 Downing Street, that leaving the EU will “threaten jobs” (Feb 23). As it happens, those FTSE 100 signatory companies employ barely any more people in this country than they did a decade ago, while employment across the country has surged by two and a half million.

This is despite these companies making about a hundred acquisitions in this time, worth hundreds of billions of pounds, with these acquired companies employing thousands of people. So there is little doubt that the companies that warn of dire consequences for British jobs have in fact been responsible for cutting large numbers of jobs themselves. Do the British people really need to take lessons in job creation from companies that have singularly failed to create any?

Sir David Davis